Used Cars for Sale in Covina

    Are you looking for dependable used cars for sale? Many Claremont drivers have found buying a used vehicle can be a smart choice. Fortunately, we have plenty of reliable used vehicles to choose from at Covina Volkswagen, and we’re sure to find one that fits your needs. And it can be an even smarter purchase if you were to buy one of the certified pre-owned cars for sale on our lot. Why? We list below the benefits of buying a used automobile.

    The Benefits of Shopping for Used Cars for Sale in Covina

    Did you know that there are financial benefits to buying one of our used cars for sale beyond the lower sticker price? Here are some benefits of buying a used car for your Pomona commute:

    • Used cars at Covina Volkswagen are high-quality, but cost less than new: Covina Volkswagen has several reliable, late-model pre-owned vehicles priced under $10,000. You can also take advantage of our used vehicle specials.
    • Used cars don’t depreciate as fast: New cars depreciate by about 30% in the first two years. Used cars, especially used vehicles, hold their value at a much better rate than that.
    • You’ll pay less for insurance: If you owe more than what the car is worth (which often happens when cars are bought new), you would need gap insurance to pay the difference. But this is usually not necessary with used cars. Insurance premiums are usually lower for used cars, as well.
    • You’ll have a smaller carbon footprint: Did you know that 25% of the total carbon monoxide that is produced during a vehicle’s lifetime happens during manufacturing and initial shipment? Buying used instead of new means you’ve chosen a smaller carbon footprint.

    Find Your Used Car for Sale in Covina at Covina Volkswagen

    We would love to introduce you to your next car. So, come in and take a test drive. But, while you’re here, check out our used vehicle specials and our certified pre-owned vehicle specials. We’re just a short drive away from Glendale. So, drop by or contact us today!

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